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Built for thousands of existing partners,
our platform is the most reliable solution
in the domain name and hosting industry

Easy setup and use

Account creation is easy. Just sign up and start familiarizing yourself with our self explanatory platform. No deposit or setup fee will be necessary. In our demo environment you will experience the flexibility and easiness of using our platform for your business. Sign up for free.

Lowest operating cost

We lower your operating cost dramatically by having the same registration and operating procedures for all types of TLD’s. This way your employees are saving time and they don’t have to be an expert in complicated TLD regulations. Our platform automatically takes care of all the different procedures and rules directly with the registries. The operating hours of your staff will be decreased even more by using efficient bulk tools, DNS templates, contact handles and analyzing tools. Even use our registrar gateway if you are accredited yourself at one of the registries and eliminate any unnecessary overhead by using just one system for your domain names. Save even more time.

Best rates in the respective markets

We keep our margins as low as possible by avoiding the risk of variable exchange rates. Most registrars will compensate the risk of fluctuating exchange rates in their pricing. Our prices are listed in the registries currency and will be converted into the currency of your deposit whenever there is a transaction. Pricing in your purchase currency may vary due to this method, but on an average yearly basis our pricing will always be lower than that of our competitors. We follow the exact same billing cycle as the registries (e.g. as it comes to domain name transfers you won’t have to pay any renewal fee if these are free of charge at the registry). Furthermore our pricing plans are localized which makes us highly competitive in your market, just ask us for a price list which is applicable for your country. And should you feel a special deal is applicable for you, based on volume for example, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Multi-tier sub-reseller platform

Setting up a hosting business or integrating a domain name registration module in your website has never been easier. Our multi-tier reseller platform allows you having resellers and sub resellers and contains a wide range of additional hosting products to sell. Read more.

Premium support

A team of skilled professionals is ready to assist you when needed. We manage customers with over 250,000 domain names and are experienced in migrating thousands of domain names from other registrars into our system. In addition, our Sales support team will proactively inform you on topics such as compliancy and special deals from registries when applicable. More about us.

Top tier security and reliability

Rely on the best protection for the valuable domain names of your customers. We allow you to define user roles in our web interface, restricting access to certain areas and functionalities for your employees. Easily create administrative roles, support roles or financial roles. Optional emergency credits protect your domain names from being deleted when your balance accidentally gets empty.

Analyze your business

Access any information you need and keep track of your business by using our extensive search functionality. Create every report you can think of (e.g. an overview of domain names, search on any domain name attribute, lists of contacts or selections of your transactions and more). Easily download data exports in many formats for analyzing purposes.

Brandable client communication

Stay in direct contact with your customers. All notification emails which run through our system are fully brandable for upsell or other communication purposes. Even for renewal emails we have unique solutions that fits your business best. Get in touch with us to discuss the possibilities.

Ultimate upsell opportunities

With every domain you get 2 free email accounts of 200mb each and a free 1 page Website Builder. This service is designed to be offered to your customers for free. An upsell is easily made. We offer these products through our reseller platform.

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